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     The "Powers That Be" (ASCAP, BMI and their ambulance chasing lawyers) seem to think that MIDI music falls into the same category as recorded music and albums. As a result, they have forced me and hundreds of other sites to remove MIDI files from our respective websites or face fines and inprisonment. Of course, I could pay them a royalty fee each year for several thousand dollars to let visitors drop by and listen to the songs for free.......I THINK NOT!!!. It's the kind of greed that forces your local restaurant to sing "Happy Happy Happy" instead of "Happy Birthday" as they too would have to pay a royalty to sing that song. Remember them the next time you need to choose between buying a song and downloading it from a free website. And FYI, the numerous MIDI files you happen to hear embedded on pages as you surf the net are just as illegal in their eyes as this website was. What's next....burning books? They probably are part of the movement to have "Under God" removed from the Pledge Of Allegiance". It's downright greed that has closed down this site and I'm sorry. But with that said, here's a tip.....check back from time to time as you never know when something "interesting" might be going on with the music on this site!!!!!!

     Thanks for stopping by Our MIDI Jukebox and a special welcome to those who have linked into this page from the MIDI Ring. This site may well be the largest collection of the Best MIDI Sounds on the internet. Whether you are a regular or first time visitor, please take a moment to look over this page to see what is available as we have made some major changes to the site! Either scroll down the page or select from the menu in the left frame.

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We're mighty proud....

     To have been selected a Crescendo Cool Site of the Day, awarded the Bonbon Carousel of Sounds Award, and to have been featured on the national television show NetTalk Live! Many thanks to the good folks from LiveUpdate, Bonbon and NetTalk Live (especially Laura Lewis who featured our site and one of our visitors, Roger Huffman, who recommended us) .

About this site

     We've been collecting MIDI files since sound cards were first introduced. What we found, and you probably have too, is that there are hundreds of poor sounding MIDI files for each good one you find! Our collection is now far too large to count. Our purpose of this site is to share with the internet community what we feel are the best MIDI sounds available.

What's new

     Many, many hours have gone into the upgrading of this site. You'll find all genres of music here. Pop, rock, piano rock, jazz, bluegrass, tv and movie themes, and a large collection of Christmas MIDI files are all on the site. We feature many original compositions as well as many of the popular songs you're sure to recognize.

Of course the "framed" frames format is new. We chose this as it is most conducive for listening to the songs while viewing the site. PLEASE don't copy this web design for your MIDI page. If you like it and want to use the concept on some other page that is fine (a link would be appreciated!!).

The site now contains over 450 MIDI tunes. They are categorized and commented for easy navigation. Each song can be listened to while you view this site

Please excuse our dust while we're doing some heavy construction again! We're adding more great MIDI tunes (NOW OVER 1500!) and entire new sections so this is another MAJOR UPGRADE. Sign our Guestbook, drop us a email, or fill out the onsite form to be notified of changes and we'll send you a special invitation for our Grand Re-Opening!

Since there are so many great sounds on the site, we'll help you get going. Each section has the best of the best sounds highlighted in light green. This doesn't mean the others aren't good, they just happen to be our favorites. We recommend you start your surfing with these sounds.

16 different Tag-along Jukeboxes allow you to surf the net while listening to our great MIDI sounds. Try one before you leave.

We're a Crescendo StreamSite!. We've purchased their StreamSite software and added it to this site. It's FREE for you to use while at this site. WE PAY - YOU PLAY! Now you'll get faster loading and quicker playing of all our MIDI files.....even if you are using their free Crescendo Software.

Lots of fun things have been added to make your visit enjoyable, particularly the graphics that display while the songs play. NOTE: There are some surprise graphics buried so look around!

New and improved Name That Tune complete with entry forms and a Winner's List. Try your luck!

We've added a "New Twist" to Name That Tune. Remember the old TV show where you had to name the song in so many notes? Can you Name That Tune in 5 Notes?

We no longer offer ZIP files, however, you can quickly download any file without listening to it by holding down the SHIFT key while RIGHT CLICKING your mouse. From there select the proper menu choice to save the file to disk.

You can now receive E-Mail when this site or any part of it is updated. Visit the Website Information and select Register for Updates

Audio/Video Requirements

     You need a frames capable browser, which you obviously must have or you wouldn't be seeing this page. Your browser needs to support javascript and forms and be able to play MIDI files. This site is designed to be viewed at 800x600 resolution and anything less than that will give unsatisfactory viewing results.

     Most any sound card that plays MIDI files will work ....but these aren't just ANY MIDI files!. Do yourself a favor and purchase a GOOD sound card. When you make the switch you won't believe the sounds you have been missing. There are many good cards available for around $100.00. FYI, we use the Creative SoundBlaster AWE64 card on our systems.

We recommend

     The site was built to be viewed using Netscape, although MSIE will work. We highly recommend and have built the site around Crescendo MIDI software. You can get the free version from LiveUpdate's website but we recommend you purchase the PLUS version so you can experience STREAMING on any site you visit! And again, PLEASE set your viewer resolution to 800x600.

And finally

     If you find files here feel free to use them as you choose. No link is necessary for the files, however, if you like this site and feel your visitors would enjoy it as well, then by all means a link would be greatly appreciated!

     Feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have a comment or correction or have a MIDI to add to our collection, please drop us an E-Mail. And if you REALLY want to say thanks or good job then PLEASE SIGN OUR GUESTBOOK. You can view our guestbook here as well.

Let's Go To Our MIDI Jukebox

     If you have read the above and can pass the 10 question test that will be mailed to you, you're read to go to Our MIDI Jukebox.


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