Christmas MIDI Files S-Z  
Song Title  Size  Time Comment
  Santa Claus is Coming To Town   7K    1:50  He's knows if you've been bad or good!
  Santa Claus is Coming To Town   6K    1:50  Slightly different arrangement.
  Santa Claus is Coming To Town   14K    2:12  Another upbeat version
  Silent Night   9K    2:19  Traditional carol. Well done
  Silent Night   23K    2:13  Another version-EXCELLENT!
  Silent Night   8K    2:27  WHOOOAAAA....this is SUPER!
  Silent Night   7K    1:00  Still another version-QUITE upbeat!
  Silent Night   26K    2:45  Different! Jazzy "Big Band" sound.
  Silent Night   4K    1:08  One final version
  Silverbells   14K    2:06  This is great
  Silverbells   8K    2:20  Another version
  Silverbells   8K    1:14  One final version. Nicely done.
  Sleigh Ride   38K    2:23  Very Nicely Done. Great sound.
  Sleigh Ride   32K    2:46  GREAT. Nice swing beat.
  Sleigh Ride   9K    0:52  Another version of the song-shorter
  Sleigh Ride   26K    3:51  Still another version-slower tempo
  The First Noel   10K    1:26  Very Well Done
  The Wassail Song   12K    2:52  Traditional song
  There's No Place Like Home
  For The Holidays
  32K    3:02  Nicely done by Don Carroll
  Up On The Housetop   4K    1:35  Nicely done
  We Need A Little Christmas   17K    2:11  Sure to please.
  We Three Kings   14K    1:39  Star of wonder star of night
  We Three Kings   6K    1:59  Another version
  We Wish You A Merry Christimas   3K    0:41  Short, but good
  What Child is This   8K    3:10  Very nice arrangment
  What Child is This   1K    1:07  Another version
  What Child is This   12K    1:54  Our favorite version of the song
  What Child is This   6K    1:39  Yet another version-Very Good
  What Child is This   13K    2:24  Nice acoustical guitar arrangement.
  What Child is This   18K    3:50  Very nice flute arrangement.
  What Child is This   27K    1:46  VERY uptempo version.
  White Christmas   23K    4:08  Truly a great sounding MIDI.
  White Christmas   50K    2:32  Big Band sound arrangement
  White Christmas   8K    2:45  Another arrangement.
  Winter Wonderland   53K    5:04  This is well done
  Winter Wonderland   38K    4:23  Big Band sound arrangement.
  Winter Wonderland   19K    1:47  Another great version
  Winter Wonderland   16K    2:27  Yet another version. Quite nice
  Wonder Of Christmas   172K    5:24  A GREAT medley of Christmas tunes.

Songs highlighted in green are "best bets"


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