Quick Help on Frames

It is assumed that you are familiar with sites that use frames and only need some basic tips to navigate around this site. If you are totally lost or this information is not sufficient, there is more help available in the Heading area above at the HELP link. The following items will be covered.
  • Web Site Layout
  • Navigating
  • Tips
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  • Web Site Layout

    There are three frames on this site. The Header which is the top area of the screen, the Contents which is the left side of the screen, and the Body which is the section you are reading.
    As usual, they perform as three separate viewing areas and are independant of each other. Thus you can display new information in one area without changing the information in the others.


    This area will remain constant throughout your visit. If you access any of the links there they will be displayed within the Body except for Email and the link to our Home Page.


    The Contents frame is the main navigational area. Below the first separator is the Body Menu. Make a selection to view items within the Body.
    Below the second separator is the Contents Menu. Make a selection to change the Contents Frame. The Table of Contents is always an available option.


    This is main area for information display. Any links found within the body will display additional information frames either within the body or will open a new browser window.

    Note that any link can be opened as a new window by right clicking the mouse and making the appropriate menu selection.


    The Right button on your mouse is very important in navigating through the frames. The Right button of your mouse is used to go forward and back to frames "within" this site. Using the Back button on your browser would take you to the previously visited site, not the previously visited frame. The Reload button on your browser functions properly to reload the present frame. Also note that when the cursor is over a link and the right button is pressed, a menu appears relative to action on that link.
    When viewing a frame, use the slide bars to display text. Also note that when you click a mouse button in any of the three frames, that frame is highlighted to show it is active.


    Frames are just like running several programs from within Windows. Did you know you can re-size the frames and/or completely close them by grabbing the edge and dragging them to the proper size? Try it! Don't worry if you make a mistake and a frame gets lost. The next time you visit, the frames will be in their default locations.
    If you find a good link on a site containing frames, the URL displayed on your browser will probably be the site URL and not the frame URL. If copied to your bookmark, you will be returned to the main page but not necessarily the frame you desire.

    Let's Try It Out

    Start your surfing by clicking on the Table of Contents link in the Contents frame to see what's available at this site.

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