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       The mission of this section is to provide immediate and concise information on weather conditions in the Ohio Valley. When a storm is approaching and you're needing important weather information, that's not the time you want to be frantically using search engines or hopping from site to site trying to find it.

       The information assembled is targeted for Wheeling, West Virginia but covers eastern Ohio, northern West Virginia and western Pennsylvania. We also have data input areas to check conditions in most every major city across the US and around the world. If you are in the Tri-State area you'll want to BOOKMARK THIS SITE NOW. Visitors from other areas can either browse the city, state, US and international sections or modify this setup, using the links provided, to construct their own weather reference section for their websites.

       Consider this an interface to the vast amount of weather information on the net. As such, the site is designed to "not let the user lose control of it". This site requires a browser that supports frames and javascript. Use the left frame (clouds) for navigation. Links from that frame will either be shown in the main (right) frame or will open an additional browser window. Whenever an additional window is opened, simply close it down when you are finished with the information and return to where you were in the main window.

       The data on this website is LIVE and is constantly being updated from the sources. Live data pages are setup to refresh every 30 minutes to provide you with the latest information and updates. This feature may not work on all browsers, in which case you will need to reload the page to get the latest data. If you are following a storm or other weather conditions, you might want to set the OPTIONS on you browser to have it check with the server for the latest information on EVERY reload.


       The information at this website is here as a service. It is provided for educational purposes only and for private/non-commercial use and should be considered as such. We do not make, or intend to make, a profit from this information or its use.
       All information on this site is from commercial sources on the internet (See Credits). We cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the weather data on this page. We do NOT recommend that you rely on it solely in a life threatening situation.


       If you have read this page then you are read to procede to Our Weather Page. You can bypass this page in the future by setting your bookmark to the URL of the next page. This information can be found in the "MISSION" section of the following page.



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